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Services with Personal Divers:

Ocean Dive - Certified Only $70 USD (with your personal equipment)
$75 USD (with our equipment)

(with your personal equipment) $75 USD (with our equipment) We are going to take you on a beautiful 2-Tank dive at 2 different reefs which are approximately 60 feet deep. This includes certified guide, and a whole lot of fun looking at our fantastic reefs and large varieties of fish. Hopefully we will see turtles, rays and nurse sharks.

Discover Scuba Diving $90 USD; 2 tanks $95

Never tried diving and always wanted to? We provide a personalized theory and pool lesson to give you the basic skills to dive. Then we are off to the open sea to enjoy 1 tank at a reef at depths no greater than 30 feet. After that you can continue to dive with us on your vacation up to 45 feet deep. You'll want to get certified after this vacation so you can enjoy diving with us time and time again. This includes lesson and a certified guide. 
1 Tank Shallow Dive $60

Great for a refresher dive or beginners that want to build up their skills and at depths no deeper than 30'. Runs in the afternoon.

2 Day Package $210 USD

Hey, let's make an even better vacation and cut some costs. This includes 2 tanks diving in the beautiful Caribbean, and 2 tanks exploring the "Cenotes" or caverns. Everything covered, even some snacks, just want you to have fun!

Cavern "Cenotes" Dive - Certified Only $150 USD

We are going to take you to the beautiful caves south of Playa del Carmen for a unique experience that you'll never forget. The ancient Mayans viewed these as windows to the underworld; modern day scuba divers use them as doorways. amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites in crystal clear water even you can drink! come put on your dive equipment and enter the Mayan's sacred water and explore the underwater river systems called "Cenotes," all while hovering weightlessly underwater.

We will pick you up at your hotel and this 2 tank dive adventure includes transfers, entrance fees, snacks and drinks.

Wreck Dive $75 USD

Let's go dive a Navy Minesweeper. This boat was sunk 4 years ago and is in 2 parts. We are able to penetrate the wrecks and there's a good chance to see some big Eagle Rays and always big Barracudas. The 2nd dive is another reef nearby that is full of life and just as beautiful. This includes certified guide.

Night Dive $75 USD (1 Tank) $85 (2 Tanks)

Now this is an experience not to forget! This is a 1 tank dive at night. If you have never done a night dive then here is the place to do it. The sea life at night is different than the day and you have the chance to see much bigger species of fish. Also, turtles, octopus, nurse sharks and much more. 

********** Snorkel with the Whale Sharks $165 USD *********

Whale Sharks are coming in and here's your chance of a lifetime! This is a one of a kind experience you'll talk about the rest of your life.  Available June - September. 
Small groups of 6, sandwiches, ceviche and snacks.  Also provided water, soda & beer (after snorkeling for the beer!)
Private Yacht Tour $ Prices Upon Request $

Let us take you privately on a beautiful yacht scuba diving, snorkeling and/or fishing. You tell us what you want to do and let us arrange everything!

Open Water Certification $400 USD

Ready to make the commitment that you will never regret? You don't even need a church or a priest to make this commitment. We will certify you PADI Open Water in 3-4 days, depending on your skill. This isn't like going to school, remember you are on vacation and we want this to be as fun as your vacation. This will give you the open door to diving anywhere in the world, but we want you back in Cancun to dive with us year after year!

Ready to Advance from Open Water $ Prices upon Request $

Next step on the ladder with PADI? We will certify you Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver or Divemaster. Just contact us and we will talk about the time needed for any of the above certifications. You will get quality instruction and still enjoy your vacation as well.

DVD and Still Photography $55 USD

Don't worry that you don't have and underwater camera or video. We have it all under control. Don't end up missing and wishing you had a camera!! We can make a video of your experience or digital photos either to print or make a high quality DVD with music of your photos or video. Don't miss the memories, we will capture them for you.

What else do you want to do? $ Prices vary depending on service

Don't like all that water stuff or just want to do something else than dive? Want to go shopping, what tours to do, or just someone to help you around and don't speak the language? Short or long vacation you just want to do something and do it painlessly. Ask us and we can assist you, even love to join you for a day excursion. Skip the bus loads of people that really drive you mad, and we will keep you smiling all day long.

PayPal's service to make fast, easy,
and secure payments for your diving!
PayPal's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your diving!
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